I am an Indiana transplant who moved to the Boston area for college and never left. I fell in love with the city’s diversities in colleges, music, restaurants, cultures, waterways, trees, etc. I recently purchased a home here and am looking forward to continuing my exploration and furthering my knowledge of New England.

I work and study at Harvard University. In my free time I like to go boating in the Charles River, try out different foods (restaurants and stores), work on my newly purchased house, walk around with my senior dog, and explore New England. I am also passionate about music – I love to find new music, go to shows, sing bad karaoke, and play in a perpetually defunct cover band.

I’m cursed and blessed with an incredible sense of taste and smell, which allows me to be a critical food lover. Furthermore, growing up in rural Indiana exposed me to the joys of locally produced food (I ate almost exclusively from local farms and our garden), so when I eat locally I can really taste what is fresh and what isn’t. I also worked at a restaurant through college, so I know a little bit about the way we get our food.

My business education has exposed me to concepts like inventory management and production sourcing, so I’m always looking to find unique ways that companies acquire their ingredients. I will use this blog to begin exploring these issues on a more regular basis. I will also be using this blog as an excuse to eat out more often so that I can provide the world with my very worthy food critiquing 🙂



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